Weekend Away

Every now and then you've got to have a Dirty Weekend

When it comes to adult toys, the dirtier and sexier, the better. Whether you’re still in the beginner’s, intermediate, or advanced stage when it comes to using these love toys, it is best to have a variety to choose from.

Get Lucky with these Seven

Let’s say that you are planning to get down and dirty with your significant other over the weekend. Which wild-and-dirty, or naughty-and-sexy toys should you use in the bedroom? Here are our top seven suggestions:

1. European Lover Dildo
Whether you’re planning on playing solo or with your partner, the European Lover Dildo makes for the perfect bedroom companion. It has a large girth and extended length for more sexual pleasure. The shaft is very realistic, made from an easy-glide material complete with a penis head, as well as a suction cup for hands-free use.

2. Long Penis Extension Sleeve
Men definitely do not have to feel insecure about using something lie the Long Penis Extension sleeve. Not all males are naturally endowed down there, and wearing a penis extension sleeve is a great way of experimenting in the bedroom. Make your lover feel like she’s being stuffed to the brim by wearing a sleeve that gives added length and girth, and go wild with your sexual moves!

3. Lust Bunny Rabbit Vibrator
No sex toys list will be complete without a rabbit vibrator thrown into the mix. The Lust Bunny Rabbit vibrator has a classic dildo shape which stimulates the vagina, and bunny ears at the bottom for clitoral stimulation.

4. Orange Jelly Fun Butt Plug
Get down and dirty in the bedroom by using the Orange Jelly Fun Butt Plug. It’s a medium-sized plug for anal play, and comes with a suction cup for a hands-free experience.

5. Octopussy Vibrator
With a name inspired by all the action and sexiness of James Bond movies, the Octopussy vibrator is selling like hotcakes online. Yes, it is shaped like an octopus and there are eight vibrating legs which nestle nicely upon the clitoris. It can be used during solo love play or as part of your foreplay as a couple. It’s bound to give you hours of vaginal stimulation!

6. Rope Tether Bondage Set
If you’re up for a really dirty bedroom romp, go for the Rope Tether Bondage set which includes cuffs, tethers, and sturdy plastic clips. The entire setup can be built around a bed post or frame, and you can go all-out in pleasuring your partner while he or she is literally bound onto the bed.

7. Venus Clips Clitoral Vibrator
Finally, there’s this super unique Venus Clips Clitoral Vibrator. Manufacturers say that it’s as light as a feather, but hard as a rock and its ultimate goal is to offer maximum clitoral stimulation.

Which among these love toys are you planning to use for a sexy, naughty, dirty weekend?