Holiday Sex ToysWhether you’re newlyweds, a committed couple, or just two people looking for some excitement in the intimacy department, you should definitely think about going on a holiday. There’s just something about having sex in a luscious hotel bed or a charming bed and breakfast inn that adds spice to things. Maybe it’s the different environment or the intimacy of the ambiance. No matter what it is, you can spice things up even more by taking your love toys along with you on your holiday.

The Best Toys to Take on Holiday from Love Toys UK

When bringing along love toys on your vacation as a couple, the number one thing you need to make sure of is that they are shaped discreetly. A huge dildo which accidentally drops out of your suitcase is bound to cause furor in the airport. To make things less embarrassing for you while still spicing up your holiday, here are the best toys to take on a holiday from Love Toys UK:

1. Clitoral Stimulating Pointer

The first thing to consider when choosing an adult toy to bring on a holiday is whether it is discreetly-shaped. The Clitoral Stimulating Pointer from Love Toys UK is exactly that: the pointer simply looks like a lone TV antenna or some other pointing gadget. Its real purpose, though, is to drive you out of your mind with pleasure because of its seven speed settings. The pointer provides a tickling sensation or pulsation on the clitoris. Have your partner use it on you and you are bound to have mind-numbing orgasms every night during your holiday escape.

2. Icicles No. 42 – Ben Wa Balls

Another discreetly-shaped sex toy that you can safely bring to the airport is the Icicles No. 42 Ben Wa Balls set from Love Toys UK. The transparent balls look innocent enough, but they are made from silicone and can be heated or cooled. Used during solo play, the Ben Wa balls actually help exercise your Kegel muscles and provide a stimulating sensation when pulled near the point of orgasm during intercourse.

3. My Secret Passion Magic Wand

What looks like a harmless purple microphone is actually the My Secret Passion Magic Wand. It’s a vibrating massager that can be used on the nipples, clitoris, or your guy’s prostate area. the flexible head is made with a slippery-smooth surface, so you won’t believe the unbelievable sensations the wand can bring.

One more tip: when putting any vibrating love toy inside your luggage, make sure to remove the batteries and keep them in a clear plastic ziplock bag for sanitary and safety purposes. Enjoy your holiday by heating things up in bed with these love toys!