Can’t get enough of the double, even multiple sexual sensations brought about by rabbit vibrators? Dubbed as the queen of all vibrators, these nifty battery-operated gadgets are always a crowd-pleaser. If you’re just starting to discover the delights that you can get from these cute little sex toys, check out our list of the top five rabbit vibrators from LoveToys UK.

Double Rabbit Vibrator

After a long day at work, release some of that sexual tension in your body using the Double Rabbit Vibrator. Rabbit vibes in general are designed to target both the vaginal opening and the clitoris – and the Double Rabbit Vibrator does just that. Another advantage of using this rabbit vibe is that you can control the speed – so go as fast or as slow as you want!

Erotic Rabbit Vibrator

The Erotic Rabbit Vibrator is all nine inches of sexual wonder. The shaft is curved and it has the signature clitoral stimulator at the bottom. The body of the toy is soft yet firm, and the middle part has a bunch of rotating beads to ensure maximum vaginal stimulation. Just like the Double Rabbit vibrator, you can take your speed from slow to fast and when you choose the maximum setting, you are bound to experience an orgasm like no other.

Joy Bunny Vibrator

Pink, with a cute bunny ear, and a satisfying length of nine inches, the Joy Bunny Vibrator is one of the best among the bunch. It has ten vibrating speeds and ten pulsating patterns so you can take full control of your own sexual pleasure. It’s perfectly safe to use because the material is Phthalate-free, and it’s waterproof so you can use it in the bathroom. What more can you ask for from a rabbit vibrator?

Orgasmic Jumping Rabbit Vibrator

Some women like shallow, fast thrusts while others like deep, slow stimulations. If you prefer the latter, you will definitely enjoy using the Orgasmic Jumping Rabbit Vibrator. It measures a good 8 inches, and the small shaft at the bottom has seven vibrating levels. The main shaft features a 6-speed thrusting motion, so you can mimic the sensations of having real sex.

The Hammer Rabbit Vibrator

Last but certainly not least is The Hammer Rabbit Vibrator. The stunning pink rabbit vibrator is made from a premium material, with plenty of features to provide mind-blowing sensations. Measuring seven inches, the vibrator is made from silicone and has a sleek design. It features multiple pulsations that can be randomly set so you can surprise yourself with what sensation comes next. The shaft provides multiple vibrations with three dimensions. Make sure to keep plenty of lubricant and extra batteries handy when using The Hammer Rabbit Vibrator, because you’ll want to experience its mind-boggling sensations over and over again!