We’ve all seen the part in Fifty Shades where Vagina Balls take centre stage, shall we say. However, if you’re new to the world of love toys, you might just be fascinated to discover our top five secret benefits of using Vagina Balls regularly. Aside from being a super sexy looking sex toy that will do nothing but turn you on and intrigued to find out more, these little pleasure pieces will completely re-write the script of what you can expect from bedroom time, whether alone or fooling around with your fella. So, in the true spirit of things, let’s get straight down to business and see if we can’t persuade you to jump on the bandwagon and be the talk of the group with your girls.

First of all, with regular use of Vagina Balls, your Kegal muscle will become stronger, which not only improve their firmness and feel from your partners perspective during sexy time, but have a whole host of health benefits too. Having stronger Kegal muscles, also give you more flexibility in the bedroom and you can certainly use this to your advantage when you’re working on your technique between the sheets. After all, if we asked 100 girls who wouldn’t want their men to be hooked on their special way of doing it and making him explode, there wouldn’t be too many hands in the air.

With stronger muscles brings more intense pleasure to you, as you become more sensitive to the varying sensations provided by your partner or your other sex toys alongside the walls of the vagina. Having great control of your intimate area not only creates a more pleasurable experience for him, but you too get to slip off into dreamland.

If you want to slip vagina balls into your steamy sex sessions, there’s nothing wrong with using them to enhance foreplay. Along with him getting a naughty kick out of using them on you, you’ll begin to loosen up as you get more and more turned on by their movement. Enhance foreplay and tease each other to the end of the world, making penetration intimate and explosive.

You can even make an ordinary night out amazing by slipping these little saviors in before you head out with your hubby. The feeling of them moving around inside will excite you and leave you ready for nothing less than good loving when you finally get him home.

So ladies, with our five secret reasons to invest in a good set of Vagina Balls, you can leave your inner goddess screaming from the rooftops and your partner ready to go the extra mi order to give you exactly what you want. For something seemingly so simple, you get a whole lot of fun out of them. Now who wouldn’t want that?