If you think that your timid girlfriend does not have a bullet vibrator or a string of Ben Wa balls hidden away somewhere, think again. Women these days are more open to the idea of using adult toys for their own sexual pleasure. However, some may not be as open to the prospect of using them with you.

Tips on Getting Your Girlfriend into the Idea of Using Love Toys

If you’d like to spice up your sex life, how can you get your hesitant girlfriend into the idea of using love toys? Here are a few tips:

1. Be comfortable with the idea yourself.

Perhaps the number one reason why not all men are not comfortable introducing these ‘third parties’ into the bedroom is because they fear that the toys will affect their performance in bed. The opposite is true, actually. Sex toys like cock rings can enhance your erections, making them stronger and longer-lasting. There are vibrators designed for couples that will bring you pleasurable sensations as well. Once you get used to the idea that using these sex toys are both for you and your girlfriend’s benefit, you will not feel intimated at all talking to her about it.

2. Know what she likes.

If she loves it when you go down on her, choose a basic sex toy that will add tingling or vibrating sensations. If she likes it a bit kinky, go for a sex swing. Use your imagination!

3. Start with the basics.

Let’s say that your girlfriend is okay with using sex toys by herself but not with you, maybe you can start with something that you can use during foreplay. Treat her to a full-body massage using edible body oil or paint. Use a blindfold and tease her when your touch or kiss will drop next.

4. Remember that fumbling is part of the process – make it fun!

She already said yes but you’re a novice at using sex toys for women so how do you deal? Instead of making things awkward, laugh at your fumbling together and make experimentation with the use of sex toys fun!

5. Bigger is definitely not better.

The clitoris is the most sensitive part of the vagina so bigger is not necessarily better when buying sex toys for her. Skip the humongous or double-edge dildos and go for the more discreet bullet, rabbit, or clitoral vibrators.

In the end, it’s important to talk to your girlfriend about it. Sex toys are fun, even healthy to use and boosts your intimacy as a couple so don’t discount the possibility of using them in the bedroom.