Couples sex toys

People often get scared at the thought of sex toys, but they don't all have to be 50 shades of grey style! Sex toys can actually improve your relationship and create a bond stronger than ever, believe it or not. Don't be embarrassed to mention it to your partner, 9 times out of 10 you are both wanting to try it, but neither of you will mention it. Below I have listed 9 ways in which sex toys can improve your relationship, take note ladies and gentleman, and don't be afraid to experiment.

They take pressure off you both - Whilst stimulation of the clit can be achieved with fingers, tongue or certain positions, it may not always work and you may start to feel under pressure if you cannot get your partner to orgasm. By reaching out to a vibe for a helping hand, you are releasing pressure off yourself and opening new doors to orgasms like never before.

More orgasms - Sometimes pushing for an orgasm can be difficult, and partners often feel pressure if they cannot make their significant other orgasm. By bringing a toy or two to the bedroom you will find yourself having not just orgasms that are easy to reach, but multiple orgasms like you've never had before, so between the toys and your partner, you are setting yourself up for an unforgettable session.

Explore each other - Exploring sex toys with your partner doesn't only open doors to things you have never thought of trying, but it also creates a strong sexual bond between you both. You learn things about each other that you never thought to ask, and your adult time in the bedroom will only get better from there.

New positions - Love toys will encourage you to confidently try new positions and angles in the bedroom. With a mind wide open, and a sex toy or two you may find yourself in positions you never knew existed. You will not regret.

Excitement - It's always exciting trying new things, and when you are experimenting for the first time there is no better way to do it with the person you love. You can bring your fantasies to life with a couple of toys and take yourself into an unforgettable world that you won’t want to leave.

Buying them together - Buying sex toys together is another great bonding experience for you both, you will get to know the things you both enjoy in the bedroom, and what you will both be comfortable trying on each other, which also leads to my next point.

Get to know your partner - Introducing sex toys to your bedroom is a great way to get to know your partner that little bit more, find out what they like and try new things, let them experiment on you... You may even learn a few things about yourself in the process.

Intimacy and passion - Sex toys don't have to be naughty and rowdy, they can also be used to encourage passion in your relationship, you will find yourselves getting intimate that little more often after introducing adult toys to your relationship.

Better sex - Last but certainly not least, the obvious one. Love toys keep your sex life creative and different, once you have tried a few love toys, you won't be looking back. They will spice up your bedroom antics and keep it exciting and new, so don't be afraid to get started.