Sex Talent Double DongHere at LoveToys, we sell products from just a few pounds to those well in to the hundreds. We are continually contacted by you lovely folk, asking for the very best sex toys out there that won’t break the bank. Like most, you may not have the budget to splash out hundreds of pounds on one almighty love toy collection, at least, not all in one hit, so we’ve decided to put together a shopping list of bedroom essentials for less than £10.00 each.


First up, the red ultra slimline Galaxia Anal Probe take anal exploration to an entirely new level for you naughty ladies and gentlemen. One of our most popular anal love toys and coming in just under a tenner, this hugely flexible and comfortable jelly dildo, takes back door pleasure to an entirely new level. Built with extremely stimulating nodules, enhance your orgasms beautifully with the toy that can also be used vaginally.


Double your fun next with the Sex Talent Purple Double Dong. This double penetration dildo is also made of Jelly and is an incredible toy in providing simultaneous fulfilling sensations. With its anatomically shaped curve comfortably filling both lust tunnels, this little number certainly covers both bases. Alternatively, use this toy to enhance same sex play, allowing both of your torsos to seductively slide against each other, now that’s naughty!


Something for our gentlemen next, in the form of the Black Silicone Penis Sleeve, coming in at very respectful £8.00. Stimulating for her, strengthening for him, for such a simply designed love toy, this penis sleeve packs one hell of a punch. Bulking up his manhood in a thrilling and tempting way, this sexy looking toy also comes with an attached penis ring that promotes a longer lasting erection, which whatever you look at it, is a win win!


Perfect for deep and satisfying solo play ladies, the Slim Replica Jelly Vibrator, showcases a realistic look and feel and is particularly perfect for ladies who love deep penetration without an overly stretched feeling. Ideal for petite play, this multi speed comfortable vibe dances between speeds to well and truly keep you on your toes. Vibrate and tease yourself to more powerful climaxes with the toy that leaves nothing to chance.


Slim Replica Jelly VibratorA great foreplay enhancer, the Plug and Play Anal Finger is a small ribbed love toy that can be used on you both to provide extra stimulating power. Easily navigated around the rear with an attached loop that fits snuggly around your finger, this toy has been widely credited as a timely godsend for those looking to introduce anal play to the bedroom. Take finger fun to a whole new level!


Simple, versatile and incredibly tantalizing, the Triple Sex Beads provide intense anal or vagina satisfaction with either of its three shafts, each consisting of varying size balls, to truly suit any of your kinky moods ladies. Used alone or with your partner, build up to more unpredictable bedroom pleasure with this Y shaped shaft of love beads. Perfect for experts and newcomers alike, comfortably navigate your way to more exciting pleasure.


Starting off slowly and building up to a professional collection is half the fun ladies and gentlemen. With all six products mentioned above holding their own in their own right, start building your ultimate bedroom collection today with LoveToys, before perhaps moving onto more advanced toys, when you discover what you and your partner love to try.