Magic Wand VibeWhat are Magic Wand Vibrators? It’s only recently that rabbit vibrators have been called the queen of sex toys. Before that, the crowd favorite has always been the Magic Wand Vibrators. What exactly are these, how do they work, and what pleasures do they give female users?

Magic wand vibrators have a pretty basic operation. Corded or wireless and battery-operated, these adult toys provide deep, powerful vibrations. They can be used as massagers or adult toys and depending on the brand, there are different speed settings available. With a slower speed, you can go solo and have a prolonged orgasm. If you and your partner want it hard and fast, you can use the maximum speed setting to reach the big O more quickly.
What made Magic Wand Vibrators so popular is the fact that they look just like any other body wand massager. So even if you leave it lying around in your apartment, nobody will suspect that its dual purpose is as a sex toy.

Top 3 Wand Vibrators from Love Toys UK

If you have yet to try the pleasures brought about by a basic magic wand vibrator, here are the top three options from Love Toys UK;

1. Passion Pointer Magic Wand Vibrator

Measuring a good 13 inches in length, the Passion Pointer Magic Wand Vibrator looks like a normal body massager. It’s a rechargeable wand deliberately shaped like a microphone for the ultimate discretion. The three-inch round head can be placed against the vagina when playing solo, and adjust the speed according to what best gets you off.

2. Palm Power Massaging Wand

Another discreetly-shaped vibrator is the Palm Power Massaging Wand. It’s just a few inches shorter than the Passion Pointer but the flexible rotating head provides the extra pleasurable sensations.

3. Prostate Massaging Pleasure Wand

From the Doc Johnson line of products comes this Prostate Massaging Pleasure Wand. It’s specifically shaped to stimulate the prostate and also provide vibrating sensations. You can use this when playing solo or have your partner use it on you. Enjoy varying pulses based on your speed of choice, and make sure to have plenty of lubricant handy.

As you can see, Magic Wand Vibrators are not just for females – they can be used by men, too. Take your pick from any of the wand vibrators available from Love Toys UK and add them to your adult toys collection.