Couples Love Toysyou want to heat or kink things up in the bedroom with your boyfriend, there are plenty of love toys that you can use. From remote control vibes or leather whips to labia spreaders, here’s our top five pick for the best love toys to use with your beau from Love Toys UK:


Bad Kitty Remote Control Bullet Vibrator

First, hand him the remote! Schedule a naughty night out and bring along this Bad Kitty Remote Control Bullet Vibrator. This 2.5-inch pleasure wonder can be wirelessly operated by up to 10 meters, so even if you’re not side-by-side, your boyfriend can surprise you with slow or fast vibrations. Of course, you can also use it while playing solo in your own bedroom.


Lifeguard Vibrating Penis Ring

If it’s your turn to surprise your significant other, do so by making him use the Lifeguard Vibrating Penis Ring, also from Love Toys UK. It’s a one-size-fits-all cock ring worn around the base of the penis. Aside from making your man have firmer and longer-lasting erections, there’s also a metal vibrating bullet to provide extra sensations when you’re going on all-night sex marathons.


Leather Whip with Multiple Strands

If you haven’t tried taking the “Fifty Shades of Grey” route yet, do so with this basic Leather Whip with Multiple Strands. Grip the red wooden handle tightly and deliver pleasurably soft or painfully erotic, hard lashes on your boyfriend’s behind – or have him do it on you.


Sarah’s Secret White Pleasure Balls

Beginner sex toy users will definitely not feel intimidated with Sarah’s Secret White Pleasure Balls. They’re pretty basic Ben Wa balls which can be used to up the ante in your climax. Wear it when he’s going down on you, or have him pull the tiny balls out when you’re on the brink of a huge orgasm. It even has the added benefit of exercising your vaginal muscles when regularly used.


Tight Intimate Labia Spreader

This bestselling love toy for couples is a must-try for you and your boyfriend! The Tight Intimate Labia Spreader helps make your man feel like your vagina is ultra-tight, with the added bonus of G-spot stimulation for you. It offers a hands-free use so you can let your fingers wander all over your partner’s body as you enjoy spine-tingling sensations down there!