When you browse through online adult toy shops like Love Toys UK, you might find the section featuring vagina pumps to be the most intimidating. Sure enough, these adult toys look complicated to use at first glance. But once you learn how to use them, they will definitely change the way you look at female orgasms.

The Basics of Using a Vagina Pump

First, what’s the purpose of using a vagina pump? Also called a vagina sucker, these funny-looking contraptions are designed to create a vacuum over the labia and the clitoris. Once pumped, the tissue becomes swollen, more blood flows into the area, and the skin grows ultra-sensitive. The mere appearance of a swollen clitoris and vaginal lips should be enough of a turn on if you are using the pump with a partner, but even more so once you are the one experiencing the toe-curling sensations.

If you’re a beginner, choose a pussy or vagina pump which looks basic enough. The product should come with manufacturer’s instructions, but here are a few basic directions on how to use them:

1. Make sure that the surface of the pump is well-lubricated. Depending on the material that the pump is made of, choose a suitable lubricant – although water-based formulas are the safest bet.

2. The quick-release valve should be closed so that air is only allowed out.

3. Press the pump against the vagina. There are some models which are made to fit the entire vulva, while others are designed only for the clitoris.

4. Compress the bulb carefully until you feel the sucking motion. Release, then check if the pump has a good seal against your skin. Keep pumping if the seal is not secured yet.

5. Keep on pumping until you feel your labia or clitoris swell. The sensation feels strange, but it should not be painful!

6. Press the quick release valve to let air into the chamber, then remove the vagina pump. You should end up with an engorged, swollen vulva or clitoris.

After using the vagina pump, you can proceed to having intercourse or just fly solo. Make sure not to pump over the limit because it may cause damage to the adult toy, not to mention you might hurt yourself while doing so.

At online shops like Love Toys UK, some examples of the vaginal pumps that you can buy are the Vibrating Vagina and Clitoris Pump, Super Strength Pussy Pump, Hot Red Vibrating Vagina Sucker, Bad Kitty Vagina Sucker, and Intimate Double Suction Cups.