fSex Toy Cleaner you are shelling out any significant amount of money on sex toys, the least you expect from them is satisfaction and longevity. Maintaining the health of both you and your favourite toys should be absolutely paramount ladies and gentlemen and today we will be discussing the best ways to clean your sex toys.


Regardless of make, material and the product itself, it is vital to clean and store your toys appropriately. Doing so, will mean the fun keeps going and going, as you further break the boundaries into the world of kinky fun. With the most important factor in good sex toy hygiene being your ability to clean them based on their material, we give a quick overview below of the most common ones and how you should cater for them.


For silicone, glass and metal toys that contain motorized components, using a mild soap and clean cloth will do just the trick on your way to superior product health. Obviously, you cannot risk motorized components getting wet, which is why this method with a little hot water will kill any bacteria and leave it fresh and clean for the next time you are ready to play.


When it comes to glass, silicone and stainless steel love toys without motorized components, these can be placed in boiling water for five to ten minutes, or even put through the dishwasher - just remember to avoid any potential embarrassment when your grandma comes to unload it. Repeating this cleaning method will sterilize your toys sufficiently to ensure the fun can keep on coming.


Cleaning Cyberskin can also be done with minimal fuss. With most toys made of this material being dildos and vibes, simply use a cloth, a little soap and warm water to brush over the sensitive material. Remember to not submerge your toy in water as its pourus material will inevitably end up soaking up water, resulting in you damaging the surface of your toy and beneath, promoting bacterial build up in the process.


Cleaning sex toys made of Jelly follow pretty much the same rules as above, except this time, it’s very important to include a sex toy cleaner or cleansing wipes into your cleaning methods. The reason for this is that they are more prone to hold bacteria and whilst a mild soap will work considerably well, deploying an adequate sex toy cleaner will work wonders in killing every last bacteria that may lurk beneath.


Cleansing wipes in particular are an effective way of cleaning all of your sex toys, or of course, the use of a sex toy spray. Once you have finished cleaning, thoroughly dry your toys with a paper towel and store them away in a clean fresh bag - some even come with their own silk bags, which is a welcome touch.