The perfect love toy for first timers, Mini vibrators pack a more than considerable punch ladies and are fabulous for clitoral stimulation. Simple to use and easy to navigate, for pin point pleasure on the go, there is little surprise in their surging popularity. Mini Vibrators are typically shaped like bullets, they’re easy to clean, discreet and only usually cost between £5 and £10. Making intense pleasure simple business, LoveToy’s are here to provide you with the ultimate guide to mini vibrators. Another thing that makes them incredible popular are their ability to discreetly popped in your travel bag, giving you mind blowing orgasms at the touch of a button on the go.

The saying ‘the best things come in small packages’ could not be more true when describing mini vibes, their power is actually second to none and with a smaller outer surface than larger vibrators, in which to disperse such power, multiple almighty releases can thoroughly be enjoyed. There is a stigma that surrounds mini vibrators that they are actually quite boring, but we have to strongly disagree. With their compact size comes your ability to wildly experiment with their power and with that, there is simply no right or wrong way to get to grips with them. Whether playing alone, or experimenting with hubby, you’re never too far away from explosive pleasure with one of these little devils backing you both up.

The most important thing we can say to those thinking of practicing a little discreet happiness is that don’t be surprised if you climax quickly. To prolong the fun, nonchalantly drive the mini vibrator over your body and get to know what feels good, slowly working up to your moment of magic. In deploying such a technique, you will also discover new zones of pleasure on your body, areas that you’ll be keen to kinkily re-trace your footsteps over at a later date. A naughty little tip: Trace the bullet vibe around your inner thighs, over the nipples and even around your anus if you’re feeling extra naughty! As with most experimenting, it all comes down to what works delightfully for you, ladies, we’re all different and don’t be afraid to shake a little outside the box from time to time. Remember also, to take full advantage of their shape and don’t limit yourself just to the tip. Laying it flat against your body can disperse pleasure further and result in an altogether different form of friction.

Using a little lubricant guarantees to get you through the gears girls and with its extra slippery slide, works wonders on the clitoris, especially when practicing with bullets. Tip yourself over the edge with this little cushion of climatic power and your nights will never be the same again. Further satisfy your needs by shifting through your mini vibrators modes and speeds, to really build up to the perfect sexual stimulation. Most mini vibes are built with multiple speeds for this purpose, remember girls, it’s a marathon! Don’t be afraid to experiment with them outside of the bedroom and as they are so discreet, there’s nothing wrong with going nocturnal, shall we say, when you’re thinking of spicing things up.

Every now and then, it’s fun to not leave the boys at bay. For this reason, Bullet Vibrators are perfect for intensifying foreplay. Used as an enhancement for oral pleasure and foreplay stimulation each other insane amounts and when it’s time for penetration, you’ll both be quivering in expectation. Don’t be afraid either to continue the fun during play, as their discreet ‘slip in the hand’ shape is perfect for intensifying you or your partners touch. Bullet vibes are also great at intensifying anal stimulation, with some butt plugs containing a hole for a bullet to slip into, mix things up nicely every now and then when using multiple toys.