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Glass Dildos

Glass DildoWhether it’s for internal play or external massage, one of LoveToys glass dildos can bring you unparalleled pleasure, satisfaction and temptation thanks to a sensuous design and a touch that makes you quiver in anticipation. Made from super safe strengthened glass, one of the below dildos guarantee to excite, meaning whenever and however you want it, this range of adult toys will duly oblige. Shop from our scandalous range of sex toys, giving your love life lift off, whether you are going solo or heating things up with your partner.

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  1. Spiral Knight Glass Dildo

    Spiral Knight Glass Dildo

    Super Smooth Non Pourus Dong Learn More
  2. Silenzio Blue Glass Dong

    Silenzio Blue Glass Dong

    Luxury Easy To Clean Dildo Learn More

    Out of stock

  3. Amber Anal Glass Dildo

    Amber Anal Glass Dildo

    Super Safe Glass Dong Learn More
  4. Crystal Anos Acrylic Glass Dildo

    Crystal Anos Acrylic Glass Dildo

    Graduating Beaded Rippling Dong Learn More
  5. Diamond Dazzler Glass Dildo
  6. Spiral Glass Anal Dildo

    Spiral Glass Anal Dildo

    Toy Joy High Quality Dong Learn More
  7. Allegro Glass Dong

    Allegro Glass Dong

    Luxurious Rose Glass Love Toy Learn More
  8. Textured Swirly G Spot Glass Dildo

    Textured Swirly G Spot Glass Dildo

    Icicles Number 29 Blue Curved Dong Learn More
  9. Beaded Clear Glass Dildo

    Beaded Clear Glass Dildo

    Icicles Number 2 Graduating Love Toy Learn More